Jannah and Martini are a formidable combination, an informal, captivating musical partnership that is able to modulate the jazz idiom through their individual ingenuity. Stylish indeed.

(Newspaper BEELD, by Thijs Odendaal, Johannesburg/ South Africa)
Enjoy vocalist Denise Jannah and guitarist Wolf Martini in their varied and intimate duo program. Their broad repertoire ranges from Jazz to Latin, touching Pop, Chansons, Gospel and Blues. Vocalist, composer, actress and voice educator Denise Jannahs stylistic versatility -fluent in several languages- is her forte, while the extraordinary Wolf Martini is the perfect musical partner in tasteful accompaniment. His solos are always fresh and never predictable, while at the same time playful as well as virtuoso.

The chemistry between these two world-class musicians is palpable, and having worked together for more than a decade its instantly clear that they can read each others thoughts musically, while having lots of fun at the same time. They wander through various styles in a relaxed and playful way, while Jannahs warm contralto sings you from one story into the other with impeccable timing and phrasing, blending her energy with that of her excellent musical partner. Its sheer joy to watch them interact with each other, from humorous moments to the intense, sometimes almost meditative ones.
Denise Jannah (Suriname) and Wolf Martini (Germany), both residing in Holland, have toured and performed internationally through the years. They were invited to perform in Indonesia, South Africa, Suriname, Azerbaijan and Montenegro, to name a few. In 2012 they released their duo album Denise Jannah & Wolf Martini, Live in Johannesburg.
Denise Jannah has in 2009 been decorated by both former Queen Beatrix from the Netherlands as well as by President Venetiaan from Suriname already in 2005. Among the numerous prizes and awards she received over the years are two Edison Awards (Dutch equivalent to the U.S. Grammy Award), the Meer Jazz Award, a career award which she received in May 2011, but also the Bata Anastasijevi Award (Serbia, 2009). Denise Jannah has performed for royalty and heads of state among who are Beatrix, Queen of Holland, the Eurotop, presidents Nelson Mandela and Graça Machel-Mandela, Ronald & Liesbeth Venetiaan (Suriname) and Bill & Hillary Clinton (USA).