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Tijdens deze IJsland special kunt u van drie totaal verschillende jazz bands genieten. Ze hebben gemeen dat de bandleiders uit IJsland komen.

• Het Ingi Bjarni Trio heeft kort geleden een CD uitgebracht “”Skarkali”” met melancholieke melodiën, vrolijke harmoniën en rock gebaseerde grooves.
• De Secret Swing Society brengt de sound van vroege jazz pioniers als Duke Ellington, The Mills Brothers en Django Reinhardt.
• Sons of Gislason kwartet werd in 2012 in Den Haag gevormd en speelt eigen werken met een mix van rock, klassiek, free jazz, experimenteel en bebop.

Het belooft een veelzijdige muzikale avond te worden met een rijk palet, grooves en klankkleuren.

— Ingi Bjarni Trio —
Skarkali CD on Spotify:

—Secret Swing Society—

—Sons of Gíslason—



During this Iceland special we have three quite different jazz bands. They share their Iceland roots.

—Ingi Bjarni Trio—
Ingi Bjarni Trio is a multi national jazz-rui founded in 2015. The members have played together on various occasions/settings. The quartet plays a program of original compositions characterized by modern, open sound and nordic atmospheres. The members have both musically and geographically (Iceland, Latvia and Belgium) a different background which makes this an interesting encounter.
With their different personal characteristics, the quartet explores melancholic melodies, happy harmonies and rock rhythms in their own way.
Ingi Bjarni recently released his first CD „Skarkali“ with a trio based in Iceland. Ingi Bjarni Trio plays song from that CD as well as a handful of new compositions.
—Secret Swing Society—
Energetic and playful, the Secret Swing Society has been spreading the sounds of early jazz pioneers such as Duke Ellington, The Mills Brothers and Django Reinhardt around Europe and the US for three years now.
When listening to them you travel back in time to the golden era of jazz music, the time of the Godfather movie, slower life and slower cars. This international society came into being during the members’ music studies in Amsterdam
The band recently recorded an album that is soon to be released.
—Sons of Gíslason—
Sons Of Gíslason” quartet was created in 2012 in the Hague, the Netherlands. The band plays all original compositions written by the band leader and the bass player of the band – Freysteinn Gíslason. His original music is a mixture of rock, classical, free jazz, experimental and bebop, also adding the individual sound of each member in the band.
At times Freysteins music can sound very complicated and chaotic, while still maintaining a steady flow, and on other occasions it sounds hauntingly beautiful and takes the listener to the far corners of the world.
The band has recently played at Reykjavík Jazz Festival in Iceland, Lillehammer Jazz Festival in Norway and Vilnius Jazz Festival in Lithuania.
It promisses to be a very versatile musical evening with a rich palet in grooves, melody and style.
tickets € 12,50 – students (with student card) enjoy 50% discount as always, at the entrance.