Simio geeft een exclusieve EP presentatie van hun samenwerking met zangeres Frederike Schonis.

Na een succesvolle release van hun eerste EP komt Simio met een nieuw studio EP. Hierop zullen originele stukken worden gespeeld en hebben zij zangeres Frederike Schonis uitgenodigd om samen te werken als featuring artist. Om dit te vieren geven zij op donderdag 6 juni een speciale presentatie in het Koorenhuis, in samenwerking met de Regentenkamer.

Tijdens het concert zal Simio zijn nieuwe composities spelen met Frederike Schonis. Ook nodigen zij andere muzikanten uit (to be announced) die met hen mee zullen spelen (volg dit evenement voor updates). Tot nu toe zijn hun concerten met veel enthousiasme ontvangen, 6 juni zal daarop geen uitzondering gaan worden. Na afloop van het concert (+/- 1 uur) zal er een Meet & Greet plaats vinden in de Foyer, waar limited edition merchandise beschikbaar gesteld word en de CD verkoop van start gaat.

Kom donderdagavond 6 juni naar het Koorenhuis en maak kennis met Simio op deze unieke avond.

Pianist Sergio Abdoelrahman and drummer Tim van Emmerloot met each other in the beginning of 2017 at the School for Young Talent program by the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. Within the first couple of weeks after meeting, a strong connection developed. They played together more and more: small cafes and big festivals; Goois Jazz Festival, Dizzy… At the end of 2017 Cas Jiskoot joined them. Their bond grew stronger and resulted in the founding of the Simio, officially June 8th 2018.

After playing together and recording their debut EP June 9th at the Vanmerloot Music Pros, it became clear that this group had something special. They connected both on musical grounds as on a personal level. They believe in what they do, their music and their group.

They got recognised quickly, by producers (Emile Bode, Juan van Emmerloot), record labels (MUSIC, New Jazz Adventure) and radio programs (Sublime FM, NPO2) and by Music Critiques overseas (Music Connection).

“Yes, this is great jazz music, but the high quality of their playing is remarkable considering their age” – Emile Bode (Producer/Label owner)

‘Jazz is a language for us. We play with unity and communicate with each other in an organic and natural way. We embrace our different influences from other music genres. We create a sound of our own.’ The Simio researches within the music itself. They seek new roads and expresse themselves in music regardless of opinions: ‘Music has to feel right, like any art’. ‘It has to be able to transport you to another reality, another world.’

For them, music means freedom, exploration and conveying inexplicable emotion that no words can. They are therefore who they are with a shared vision: Music is art. Passion, creativity and life journey-emotions come together in a pure, free form which is their distinguished way of playing: Listeners are drawn into the story of Simio. "
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