Jazz is for all ages,
the Simio Jazz Trio shows that.

From the moment that Sergio Abdoelrahman (Piano, 2001), Tim van Emmerloot (Drums, 2000) and Cas Jiskoot (Bass, 1998) got together and started making music, something special evolved. Music allowes them to share emotions and stories and, together, created a unique sound. Modern jazz with experimental
sometimes explosive improvisation: New Jazz. That is how their own compositions and sound can be described.

The founding
Sergio and Tim met each other in 2017 at the School for Young Talent program by the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. Within the first couple of weeks after meeting, a connection developed. They played together more and more: small cafes and big festivals. The connection grew stronger. At the end of 2017 Cas
Jiskoot joined them due to the special musical bond that formed within a few performances. This bond grew stronger and resulted in the founding of the Simio Jazz Trio not long before the recording of their debut EP Delusional. After playing together and recording their debut EP June 9th at the Vanmerloot Music Pros, it became clear that this group had something special.

This summer (2018) their debut EP has been released. Four tracks, three written by Sergio Abdoelrahman and one by Tim van Emmerloot. Together, they finished the compositions and made it their own. Combined with their original sound and their visions, this EP takes you on an adventure. Each song is a passage in the bigger picture: All songs create the story of the EP.

Every composition is a chapter where our emotions and personal stories form the thread. Our fused stories create, for anyone that listens to us, a personal experience, fitting in the life events one might have gone through.  This is an important and unique aspect of the Simio Jazz Trios music. Jazz is a language for us.

We play with unity and communicate with each other in an organic and natural way. We embrace our different influences from other music genres. We create a sound of our own. The Simio Jazz Trio researches within the music itself. They seek boundaries and express themselves in music regardless of
the rules: Music has to move you in whatever way. They say. But you have to be open. If you dont allow the music in, the music cant take you to wherever the you have to go.

For them, music means freedom, exploration and conveying inexplicable emotion. They are therefore who they are with a shared vision: Music is art and should be seen that way. Passion and creativity come
together in a pure, free form which is their distinguished way of playing: Listeners are drawn into the story of the Simio Jazz Trio.