"The music of S’yo Fang, mysterious and emotion-stimulating"  

The music Syo Fang (Taiwan) composes is a mix of music genres ranging from modern classical music to jazz. Syo has attained a unique place among the performers of his generation, with his large contemporary and international ensemble. He wants his music to reveal the complex range of human emotions by transforming them into a sound that is both vintage and modern. They have performed at several festivals including the Taichung Jazz Festival Taiwan, CinemAsia Film Festival Amsterdam, De Doelen Big Band Festival and So Whats Next Festival Eindhoven.

Vocal: Priscilla Nokoe (The Netherlands)
Flute: Yoojin Ko (South Korea)
Clarinet: Emilio Parrila (Spain)
Saxophone: Albert Kereke (Slovenia)
Guitar: Dimitri Elegheert (Belgium)
Piano/Composition: Syo Fang (Taiwan)
Double Bass: Alessio Bruno (Italy)
Drums: Richie Struck (Germany)